ProLiteracy provides a free, six-month trial membership to every new tutor who completes a tutor training conducted by a ProLiteracy certified trainer or sponsored by an accredited ProLiteracy member. Simply type your program name in the coments field and click Next to begin entering the information for the tutors you have trained. Simply click Next to begin entering the information for the tutors you’ve trained.   Click Submit then, if necessary, choose To Add Another Tutor Click HereBe sure to click Submit for each tutor you enter.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each tutor must be entered separately and a verification code (at the bottom of the form) will be required each time.  As it will take some time to enter several tutors at once, you are welcome to forward the link to your newly trained tutors to complete the registration themselves.  Click here to download a form to mail in your tutor submissions instead of enrolling online.

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